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Ombre Interactive installation - 2019

In a dark room a beam of light is projected onto a wall of the room. The public is invited to explore the space between the projector and the wall, so that, facing the wall, they see their own shadow. As soon as someone’s presence is detected in the projection area, a Kinect sensor aligned with the projector starts a video recording. These shots are saved and processed algorithmically and automatically, to give them the semblance of shadows. The shadows are re-projected randomly onto the wall, drawing on the increasingly numerous saved recordings.

Pictures of Ombre at Sonimage Festival

The result is the coexistence between the real shadows and the shadows reproduced by the system, acquired during previous visits. The sounds are treated similarly to the images, that is recorded and reproduced later, in synchrony with the visual. Viewers leave traces (shadows) of their presence in the room and explore those left by others. The floor is covered with dirt which over time is disrupted and covered with footprints, parallel to the projection.

Developed with F. Zambianchi