- Space transformer cookbook

- Audiovisual tools

Space transformer cookbook

Creative actions to transform urban spaces.
Questioning and reimagining the city and how we relate to the others that inhabit it.

The artist/designer learns to confront every project critically and through different lenses. The design processes of artists around the world are valuable paradigm for tackling issues and creatively explore them. The different perspectives that stem from what is sometimes referred to as art thinking, can give new meaning to a place and incarnate (or disrupt) its expected values in different forms: from the functional design oriented to the most critical, surreal or poetic installation.

We propose a “cookbook”, a collection of creative tools from different fields, such as game design principles or synestethic use of rethoric figures, and experiment on how to implement them in the urban environment. The practical part of the workshop invites the participants to prototype their urban interventions on multiple paper models representing key areas of the city landscape.


-Art of game design: a book of lenses, J. Schell, 2008
-Art thinking, M. Acaso, C. MegĂ­as, 2017
-Designing Disorder: Experiments and Disruptions in the City, R. Sennett, 2020
-“MDA: A Formal Approach to Game Design and Game Research”, R. Hunicke, M. Leblanc, R. Zubek, 2007

Audiovisual tools - Coming soon

Preview Syllabus

-Fundamentals of Audiovisual Composition
-Empathic and anempathetic relationship
-Influence on the perception of time
-Rhythm and directionality
-Movement processes
-Applied Gestalt theory
-Notes on the composition
-Composition is everywhere