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Something to remember Electronic literature / Videogame - 2021

Our second experiment with electronic literature and new medias. This time set in a 3D black and white world, “Something to remember” plays with text as a building block for its environment. The words are everywhere, from branching dialogues with characters to the rain. The protagonist journeys across a metaphysical world populated by tangible people and objects, longing and seeking answers.

This work shifts the attention to the materic dimension of typography and text, painting its scenography with it, and to the contrast between the bi-dimensional “ink on paper” aestethics and 3D exploration.

This project was a collective creative effort to join the annual “New Media Writing Prize” hosted by Bournemouth University.

Textures and sprites used in game

System used for multiple choice dialogues

Music: G. Cacciapuoti, G. Cosma aka “Moonari”
Screenplay: J. L. Casañas
Honor mention at New Media Writing prize 2021

Download official game for windows.