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Pas De Deux - collection Interactive electronic literature - 2023

Pas de deux is a shared Interactive experience of expanded literature. We were fascinated by the idea of exploring an intimate media like the book and to see what happens if it’s used as a medium of empathy between two pople. Furthermore is a curatorial work: we invited writers to put themselves at stakes, attempting to write for a non-traditional reading medium. The result is a collection of their works enhanced by evocative scenarios.

In “Pas De Deux”, two players find themselves browsing a collection of narrative-centered scenes made of text, sound and images. Every scene has a unique way of being explored. The tone is set by short written paragraphs by different writers, brought to life through interactivity (with the scene and between the players) and audiovisual elements, designed to reinforce the theme of the work of written narrative.

Some of the covers illustrations

Evolution of some scene: 1.“Un fiume” 2.“Chapter selection” 3.“Nuove ombre”

Premiere of Pas de deux collection at Maker Faire Rome, 2023