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Ombre:gesto Interactive installation - 2023

Ombre:gesto is both an installation and a performative instrument. Visitors can explore the audiovisual shapes projected by moving in the designated area of interaction. Their hands become sources of light and excite the virtual environment both visually and acoustically. Two people can join the experience at once, combining their influence and duetting with each other.

We love to fantasize about new intermedial ways of performing sound and video. Ombre:gesto brings one of our experiments to the public, questioning the line between the design of an instrument and a work of art.

 1 Kinect 2 Projector 3 Audio Interface 4 Computer 5 Speakers 6 Projection surface 7 Playground Area

No objectives or rewards are prescribed. Ombre:gesto is a musical instrument and the natural feedback between the audience and the installation has proved to be enough to fuel experimentation and play, even in those not familiar with digital and electronic performative instruments.

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