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LINBO 2023 Live Visuals - 2023

Continuing our work with electronic music duo LINBO, in 2023 we developed a brand new live visuals set composed of 10 scenes. Keeping our performance-first phylosophy, we designed the new visuals to support the aesthetics of LINBO’s 2023 debut album release. We aimed for higher-end graphics, working more with advanced virtual lighting and 3D composition, while keeping the controls granular and a high degree of freedom in manipulating the scenes.

We worked with LINBO developing every scene starting from their handpicked visual references in order to define a diversified aesthetic that matched with every piece but that at the same time was consistent thrughout the whole set.

Performance at Forte Prenestino, Rome

Performance at Ul Caminett, Milan

We packaged this project in a TouchDesigner application with a user-friendly interface, customazible settings and mappable MIDI controls.

Launch app interface

Set global network

Backstage at YOH festival

In 2023 we performed in the following venues:

Forte Prenestino, Roma
Ul Caminett, Milano
Effe3, Isernia
YOH Festival, Pescara
Festival delle cose belle, Bologna