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LASERBRAIN! Investigation on co-creation - 2020

LASERBRAIN! is a collective experimentation on co-creation and art co-direction. We gathered young artists, designers and students from Italy and investigated with them new possible forms of collaborative art and design. LASERBRAIN! explored not only what it means to co-create but also tried to formulate new detailed models tackling projects managing and lifecycle, business and communication models and collective work.

While different perspectives, approaches and desires are of a great value for a project, they also bring complexity. With LASERBRAIN we made a practice of confronting ourselves with this meta-research. During the first season of the project, each week, one or more member would bring the idea for a small project and an atypical plan on how to develop it. From using multiplayer games for brainstorming together to creating common pools of resources, every experiment gave us interesting insights on what can be done to make a creative dialogue flow.

A second season of LASERBRAIN! is in the work and to be announced.